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Feb 27, 2015
Posted by:
Emily McMackin All Posts

Downtown Rebound: Job Growth Rising in Urban Centers of Most Major Cities

Sundance Square

Job growth is on the upswing in downtown urban centers, as more young professionals seek to live and work in the same vicinity.

Feb 25, 2015
Posted by:
Bill McMeekin All Posts

Manufacturing Sector: Job Gains Take Root

Technology & Manufacturing: Worker on processing line

Jobs in the manufacturing sector numbered 12,330,000 (seasonally adjusted) in January, according to BLS figures, up nearly 230,000 jobs from a year earlier. Much of the increase came in durable goods manufacturing, items like cars, appliances, computers and machinery expected to last at least three years. Motor vehicle manufacturing alone added 67,000 jobs from a year earlier.

Feb 20, 2015
Posted by:
Emily McMackin All Posts

STEM Jobs Top the Highest-Paying, Most In-Demand Jobs in the Nation

Science & Technology: medical research lab tech

Jobs in the health-care and tech industry dominate the highest-paying, most in-demand jobs in the nation – and this trend has colleges and universities expanding their STEM programs to accommodate.

Feb 18, 2015
Posted by:
Bill McMeekin All Posts

Food Manufacturing: Growth on the Menu

University of Wisconsin Center for Diary Research

In Illinois, food manufacturing operations generate more than $13.5 billion in revenue each year. Agricultural commodities grown in the state, including corn, soybeans and dairy, find their way not only into processed food, but also everything from cosmetics and medicine, but furniture, paper, ethanol fuel and biodiesels.

Feb 13, 2015
Posted by:
Emily McMackin All Posts

Robots Rising: Robotic Advances Transform Manufacturing and Future Workforce


The use of industrial robots is rising in factories across the U.S., bringing big changes for production workers and what is expected of them.

Feb 12, 2015
Posted by:
Matt Carmichael All Posts

Which Comes First: The Livability or the Jobs?

Pittsburgh is investing in new bike infrastructure to lure talent and businesses.

A recent study out of Pittsburgh says that of people who moved to Pittsburgh, the majority came for jobs (either theirs or a partner’s) and only 7 percent came for “livability.” This lead to dismissive headlines like, Survey: Livability Attracts Few People to Pittsburgh. Let’s not spend too much time deconstructing the survey or even […]

Feb 11, 2015
Posted by:
Bill McMeekin All Posts

Exports by State: 10 Places Leading the Boom

Port of Portland. JCI PHOTO- Jeff Adkins

Exports by state are playing a significant role in job creation and the overall economy. The Commerce Department says that every $1 billion in exports equals nearly 5,000 jobs. Based on 2014 export totals, that would work out to nearly 11.8 million jobs.